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Our Company has a wide and modern fleet of vehicles and trucks, which will allow you to transport your products to and from your warehouses, home or offices, quickly and safely. All our transport units have cargo insurance for your peace of mind, as well as global GPS positioning monitoring, which allows us to know in real time its location. Our transport capacity is total; it means, we have units with 500 kilograms, all the way up to 8000 Kilograms transportation capacity. Trust us the movement of your most valuable cargo. Multimodal delivers.

we are consious of the associated risks that transportation and logistic processes take, and that’s the reason why we pay special attention to your merchandise manipulation, with the most special care needed, in order to guarantee the integrity of it.


solutions offer

Door delivery

Scheduled deliveries daily, weekly or monthly.

Exclusive recollections.

High-value goods transport.

Transport of medical and pharmaceutical products.

Transportation of products with temperature control.

Transportation of dangerous and chemical goods.


We put our best effort into every delivery.

Our commitment

To provide the capability of taking the best decisions at the right time in each shipment, through comunication, accompanying and timely information.

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Address: Agencia de Aduanas Multimodal S.A, Asunción de Belén, Heredia, Costa Rica, De Ferretería EPA 250 Metros Oeste y 100 metros Norte

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