Logistics Projects

specalists in your investment management

Over the years Multimodal has been part of important logistical management projects related to energy, stadiums, hydroelectric dam and infrastructures at national level.

We help you to execute projects that merit precise planning and critical time.

we have THE SKILLS and necessary equipment to guarantee your company or institution development.


Focus Areas

  • Complete logistics handling and oversized goods and equipment.
  • Complete handling of bulks boats “Break Bulk”.
  • Specialized packing for the export of fragile or oversized cargo.
  • Hand carrier in case of emergency of shipments to any place.

Our commitment

To provide the capability of taking the best decisions at the right time in each shipment, through comunication, accompanying and timely information.

Contact Us

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(506) 22394449 SEE MAP LOCATION comercial@multimodalcr.com

Address: Agencia de Aduanas Multimodal S.A, Asunción de Belén, Heredia, Costa Rica, De Ferretería EPA 250 Metros Oeste y 100 metros Norte

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