International Moving

As an excellent fusion of all our services and accumulated experience, we make available to our most demanding clients, the international relocation services. With an excellent service and characterized by a high responsibility in the management of your belongings and very personalized, we make your personal items reach your new home or office in a safe, reliable and expedite way.

Our scope is worldwide, it means that, wherever you go, your personal belongings will be sent to you. On the other hand, if you come to Costa Rica or Nicaragua, we offer the service locally, including all the international handling and trucking of your shipment. Our group of excellent professionals and experts in the subject, plan, coordinate and direct their operation individually, adjusting appropriately to your needs and budget.

Our company is certified internationally to satisfy all your moving needs. We are also certified as air and sea carriers. We are also customs agents and it enables the process, because everything is centralized through a same company. In other words, with Multimodal, you get a full service.

our working team will ensure that your home or office moving experience willbe done free of COMPLICATIONs AND unnecessary costs.


Our services portfolio

·         Office movements an industrial warehousing.

·         International personal movements.

·         shipping of any personal item to any part of the world.

·         Transport of pets and live animals.

·         Professional packing operations. 

·         Export and import of vehicles.

·        Warehousing (furniture storage).

·         Full customs services.

Experience, knowledge and dedication in your personal shipments.

Our commitment

To provide the capability of taking the best decisions at the right time in each shipment, through comunication, accompanying and timely information.

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Address: Agencia de Aduanas Multimodal S.A, Asunción de Belén, Heredia, Costa Rica, De Ferretería EPA 250 Metros Oeste y 100 metros Norte

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